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It includes user-friendly programs for simulating and estimating macro-economic and micro-economic models.

It also provides computing environments which can solve a wide range of problems typically encountered in economic research.

"Young and blithe" would serve to reinforce this meaning, because blithe can mean: @Yoichi-san, perhaps this will help: when I think of "blithe", the two meanings aren't entirely separate, I think.

I imagine someone wrapped up in their own enjoyment, ignorant of surroundings, without a care for how the world around them is affected.

For example, "to walk to the store is five, going on six, miles", "renovation costs are 80 thousand, going on 90 thousand.") So, to get the entire feel of the passage in English relies on the following chain: 1) "Going on" means "almost": the child is six going on seven. 2) Very commonplace humorous use of "going on" with a large gap going upwards, used specifically of precocious children: that girl is 15 going on 35! Joe Blow has covered a lot of this already, but I feel it is important to emphasize that this phrase comes from a standard, literal usage meaning "getting close to [in age]".

3) In this case, the author has "turned around" that usual humorous pattern: "the person is 35 going on 15". To be "going on" a particular age means to be nearly that age.

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A worrywart might judge that too much of this blithe attitude is a bad thing :) I can't think of an example of "going on" anything but a numeric time, however. The example at hand is precisely an example of that process. (Note: as Robusto explains, "going on" very simply means "almost". On the main site, you are expected to follow a few very simple rules everyone else has to follow, [email protected] garlic - I'll offer a suggestion from someone who's made a lot of mistakes in comments: Any time you find yourself tempted to instruct someone with the moderator diamond next to their name about how SO sites work, you might want to stop for a minute and gather a bit more info. If the gap is wide, it suggests either that she is precocious (18 going on 30) or immature (22 going on 16). This metapackage will install Debian Science packages related to Biology.You might also be interested in the field::biology debtag.

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