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Alternatively, they can be purchased from local transport agency resellers.

Thank you all for your answers, now I seem to understand these thins better and can calculate if buying that "Io viaggio in Lombardia" for a week is worth it. My Italian is not that good indeed, but luckily I do understand a bit of German, so that could help then Now everything is clear with the "Io viaggio ..." part and I'll try to read a bit more about the possible week pass for the SPT busses.

And within these days I'm interested in exploring the lake, visiting Lugano and Milan (day trips).

I'm just interested in visiting Switzerland and see the centre of Milan.

Siamo in Italia) but there IS a working map of the relevant railway and Milan Metro system at: It's worth noting that few Italians outside commercially-managed tourism really have any grasp of English, and in many parts of NW Lombardy, the second language (if there is one) will be German, not English.

Like many with limited grasp of the outside world, many Lombards will just assume all foreigners understand the one foreign language they have a smattering of.

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