Bindinglist not updating listbox

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Note: If you maintain cell values in a custom data cache using virtual mode, automatic sizing occurs when the user edits a cell value but does not occur when you alter a cached value outside of a Cell Value Pushed event handler. In this case, size adjustment occurs whenever cell contents change.Collection Changed event – it does not fire when your data item’s property changes. That is if you have a collection of an Entity “Expense” that has properties “Name” and “Amount” and if you simply change the Amount value in the grid it does not work!You need to replace the entire “Expense” object for you to see the collection change firing up. The sizing mode for a column is actually determined by its Inherited Auto Size Mode property. To configure the sizing mode for headers and rows and for columns that do not override the control value, set one or more of the following Data Grid View properties: To override the control's column sizing mode for an individual column, set its Auto Size Mode property to a value other than Not Set. Use content-based automatic resizing with caution when working with large amounts of data.

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For more information about this mode, see the Column Fill Mode section below.

If you configure both rows and columns for content-based automatic sizing and Wrap Mode is enabled, the Data Grid View control will adjust sizes whenever cell contents changed and will use an ideal cell height-to-width ratio when calculating new sizes.

For example, if rows but not columns are configured for automatic sizing and Wrap Mode is enabled, users can drag column dividers to change the width of a column and row heights will automatically adjust so that cell contents are still fully displayed.

If you are using MVVM you do not want to wire up the event on Data Grid for an updated source.

So if you want to know the change in items of the collection you need to subscribe to the Collection Changed event of the Observable Collection But there is a problem with Observable Collection.

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