Dating a convicted sex offender

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If you allow yourself to fall into the trap of being sexually involved with this young woman in any way, your life will be destroyed forever.It does not matter that you have not done anything like this in the past or that you are known to most people as a great young man who is a hard worker and loves his family.It may even be that her mother thinks it is kind of cute that her young daughter can attract an older boy.She may not even mind your spending a lot of time alone with her younger daughter or even your spending the night at their home.That danger is young girls wanting to be popular by dating older guys.You know the ones, those who want to be known as the girl with the more mature boyfriend.

You will only be able to work in certain jobs and live in certain neighborhoods.

Her mother does not seem to mind my being with her daughter.” This, however, is where the danger lies.

You see, it does not matter what this mother lets her daughter do.

Everywhere you go, your picture will be published in the newspaper so people will know to avoid you. For the rest of your life, you will not be allowed to be with any females under the age of 18 without being supervised.

You will not be able to go to a public park or swimming pool.

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