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At the end of October last year, the members of the International Council for Science and the International Social Science Council voted overwhelming for a merger of the two organizations.The new organization—which will be called the International Science Council and which should come into being in summer 2018—will serve as a single, global voice for science and will help to provide the evidence base for, and coordinate action on, issues of public concern.What type of research data will the research project produce? How will you store them and how can they be accessed?By thinking about these questions at an early stage and documenting your answers you will avert future problems as a researcher.Recent cases of data manipulation and fraud emphasize the importance of access to the original data.By increasing awareness of research data management across the board—from funders, to researchers, to support staff—we can ensure that research data are handled properly, both in the present and future.More data will be available for reuse, and more data will be reused.In the end, reuse of any form will help contribute to the solutions of today's grand challenges.

Proposals are invited for sessions at Sci Data Con 2018: The Digital Frontiers of Global Science .New pluridisciplinary approaches to analyzing and modelling data will be required.And the data upon which decision-making and management of our planet rests must be open access, freely available, and subject to public scrutiny. However, recognition of the importance of free and open access to data is only the beginning.Too much of the data compilation is currently being done by individual scientists or science teams on short-term funding; too much of the work of data stewardship is currently being done . Thus, we must hope that the new International Science Council will make the practical issues of data stewardship in the 21st century a major focus of its work.And then we really will have something to celebrate next summer!

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