Depakote or seroquel which more sedating dating funda videos online index

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The term "mood stabilizer" does not describe a mechanism, but rather an effect.

More precise terminology is used to classify these agents.

It has to do with the way it effects your histamines (similar to benadryl)Hope that helps you all!

Not sure if this is the way most people take Seroquel, but I take 400mg of regular Seroquel to sleep and 150mg of Seroquel XR for depression.

Of course I wasn't able to feel all that happy when I gained a ton of weight and got cellulite! XR is best for daytime use because the med is released slowly, and because it has antidepressant components in it's composition.

Upon request my doctor called in a script for an emotional couple days (I am female but now realize I have been crazy emotional since the switch, I have also put on quite a few pounds.It deserves some recognition too, as it is also key Alpha1 antagonists also cause sedation and dizziness. The low dose of Seroquel doesn't really have effect your "happy hormones", just your "sleepy hormones".When you get higher doses it still affects those receptors, but now it starts affecting your "happy hormones" as well.But several medical articles and posts on here seem to suggest that in fact the receptor profiles are different!?Does anyone know anything about this or have a similar experience? PS After reading almost all of the posts on Seroquel it seems a lot of you don't know how its sedation side effect works...

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