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Facebook says it will highlight posts you are most likely to engage with and make time spent on social media more "meaningful." That means cutting back on items that Facebook users tend to passively consume, including video.

To try to keep you glued to Facebook, it regularly updates the formula that decides what p...

There is a freeze warning in effect for our northern counties until 8 am.

The forecast for this afternoon calls for mostly sunny skies with a daytime high around 57 degrees.

But it was Charlie Chaplin, the biggest star of another era, who helped make it a haven for celebrities. Compassion International will host interactive tours next week to help people understand what these children go through.

At the height of his fame in 1928, Chaplin led a small group of investors who built the Montecito Inn, which he called “the cream of the coast,” a posh getaway two blocks from the Pacific Ocean that became a local landmark. This organization is dedicated to helping children in poverty and trying to make an impact through experience.

Many coastal bend families are still without a home, following Hurricane Harvey and several are in hotels paid for by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The money for those hotels was set to run out next week, but not anymore.

Garza played as #40 alongside the U-17 Stars, as they played against Ontario at 1pm on ESPN3 on Friday, January 12.Police say a driver of an SUV struck the back of the truck, which jack-knifed and ran into another car. Jonathan Bennett, 23, fired several shots at officers who had gathered at a parking garage Thursday night and they returned fire, killing him, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney said. BALTIMORE (AP) - The man who said he came to the aid of a woman discharged from a Baltimore hospital wearing only a gown and socks on a cold winter's night, says he was left outraged and stunned at how she was treated."When I was right under the bridge I heard, almost under the bridge, I heard a loud bang behind my car, Bunita Singh, who witnessed the crash, said. Imamu Baraka, identified in local reports as the person who sought to help the woman, told The Associated Press he was so angry he decided to record Tuesday night's events on cellphone video, fearing no one would believe him if he reported a woman being le...One person was taken to the hospital this morning after slamming into the back of an 18-wheeler. A State Trooper on scene said the driver of an 18-wheeler pulled over to the shoulder on the east bound side of FM 624 and put on his hazard lights because he was blinded by the sun.The driver of Cadillac then veered into the shoulder and struck the 18-wheeler from behind. Montecito, the California coastal enclave devastated by this week’s deadly mudslides, is known as Oprah’s hometown. A national organization is bringing the daily struggles of children living in poverty across the world to Corpus Christi.

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