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In fact, as Indie Wire co-founder Eugene Hernandez put it at a sit-down with the actress at the Provincetown International Film Festival last weekend, Sevigny was at the epicenter of the independent film renaissance of the late 1990s and early 2000s that inspired Indie Wire’s creation in the first place.READ MORE: Why Chloe Sevigny Waited 20 Years To Make Her Directorial Debut With The Female-Friendly ‘Kitty’ “It was the work of Chloe and so many of her collaborators…that inspired the site we created.She still has it, like almost all of her old clothes. ”When we meet, she wears denim overalls and chunky patent-leather sandals topped with perforated bows, from her most recent Opening Ceremony collection. What am I going to do, go to a party in Gowanus with like, a 'tall boy'?The collection sits in storage in Darien, Connecticut, where Sevigny grew up and her mom still lives. She looks how you would expect Chloë Sevigny to look, and yet, at this Park Slope coffee shop, no one is staring. But I would like to walk down the street or go to a café where I can look at interesting people.”It Girls don’t usually make it to forty happily.A tabloid shot of an accidental underwear flash, for instance, sits to the left of a photo of Sevigny coyly raising her skirt by choice. Today, It Girl hopefuls tend to orchestrate their rises via social media.

READ MORE: Sofia Coppola On Female Sexuality In ‘The Beguiled’ And Why She Hopes Gay Men Find Colin Farrell Sexy Here are seven things you may not have known about Sevigny’s most memorable films, and some of the greatest (and most controversial) indies of the last twenty years, according to her: 1. “Ugh, I have a really complicated relationship with those. If he was more of a drag performer, I would feel like less – they hurt my feelings. But they do.” Stay on top of the latest breaking film and TV news! So without even knowing it, Chloe, you were part of what helped inspire us to do what we did at Indie Wire,” said Hernandez in his introduction.Mae Gammino Sevigny was in Provincetown showing her short film, “Kitty,” the actress’ first foray into directing.And some of Sevigny’s recent projects seem designed to provoke likes and shares, such as a photo series in which she is nude save for a Proenza Schouler coat, jewelry, and a lobster.(Its claws splay across her hips like a Surrealist string bikini.)Perhaps the biggest contradiction about Sevigny is that she inaugurated the modern It Girl paradigm yet also broke its main rule, by outlasting the scene that she originally personified.

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