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As the state-appointed director of excavations in Rome, he had led the campaign that exposed the entire Forum from the Temple of Concord to the Colosseum down to the level of the Via Sacra, and uncovered, if not fully explored, most of the major monuments, including the Curia, the Regia and the Atrium Vestae.

He connected the Palatine with the Forum by demolishing part of the Orti Farnesiani on the slope of the hill ().

On the left we possibly have to imagine the figure of Heracles chaining Cerberus.

Some areas of the city, particularly in the eastern part with the Pincian, Quirinale, Viminale, and Esquiline Hills, were greatly affected ().

The commission was comprised of individuals with connections to the suppressed papal court, including Lanciani’s mentors de Rossi, Visconti, and Vespignani, who mistrusted the state government officials.

Significant social, economic, and political changes in the decades after the establishment of the new nation fueled the tensions.

During the pinnacle of his career in the mid-1880s, Rodolfo Lanciani (1845–1929) made significant discoveries in the Roman Forum and beyond.

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