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Como Hacienda no se fía de que le digamos lo que hemos pagado por el coche de verdad, anualmente publica unas tablas con la valoración mínima de cada vehículo.

Estas son las tablas para el año 2018 (se publicaron a finales de 2017).

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It is in this context that we present a series of Neandertal remains from the upper levels of the Sima de la Palomas in southeastern Spain. Gibert after discovery of a crushed facial skeleton (Palomas 1) from the uppermost breccia by J. A number of the in situ human remains come from above, within, and slightly below a fusiform lens of dark-gray sediment (burnt, according to X-ray diffraction and fluorescence analyses).

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If we are to understand the paleobiogeography of this process, and hence the potential patterns of interactions between these two morphologically defined human groups, then it is essential to document the biology of both the earliest modern humans and the latest Neandertals.

It has been recognized for some time that the Middle Paleolithic, generally presumed in Europe to have been the product of Neandertals, persisted substantially longer in Iberia south of the Pyrenees (south of the “Ebro Frontier”) than elsewhere in Europe, to ≈34,000 (≈34 ka) calendar years before present (cal BP) (≈30 ka radiocarbon years before present (, Fig. Even though there are Iberian Neandertal remains that have been referred to this age (11), their purported late age has been placed in doubt (12).

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