Net xmlvalidatingreader

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For example, a validating parser executable can be as small as 120KB in size.

Focussing specifically on the nuances of C , it comes with its own lightweight parser, for which compact and easy to build source code is available.

The best way to do that is to add an entry to the W3C's public installation of Bugzilla, which the WG uses to track issues and enhancement requests, specifying "XML Schema" as the 'product' name. If access to Bugzilla is not feasible, please send your comments to the W3C XML Schema Working Group's public comments mailing list, www-xml-schema-comments Aw3(archive).

Please note that both the Bugzilla installation and the comments list are not only public-write but also public-read; don't say things you don't want seen in public.

The C /Tree mapping represents the information stored in XML instance documents as a tree-like, in-memory object model.

The C /Parser mapping generates parser skeletons for data types defined in XML Schema.

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