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The chief rivers, crossing the country from west to east, are the Limpopo, Vaal, and Orange, which are not navigable but are useful for irrigation.A major new water source was created by the damming of the Orange and the Malibamatso below their sources in the Lesotho Drakensburg.This series of dams, the Lesotho Highlands Water Project, is the largest public works project in Africa. The population numbers approximately forty million, comprised of eight officially recognized Bantu-speaking groups; white Afrikaners descended from Dutch, French, and German settlers who speak Afrikaans, a variety of Dutch; English-speaking descendants of British colonists; a mixed-race population that speaks Afrikaans or English; and an immigrant Indian population that speaks primarily Tamil and Urdu.A small remnant of Khoi and San aboriginal populations lives in the extreme northwest.Economic status has paralleled political and social segregation and inequality, with the black African, mixed-race ("Coloured"), and Indian and Pakistani ("Asian") population groups experiencing dispossession and a lack of legal rights.

On the southwest coast is Table Mountain, with Cape Town, the "Mother City," set in its base, and the coastal plain of the Cape Peninsula tailing off to the south.And if you're a shopper, bring an extra, empty suitcase.With malls, open-air markets and places that blend the two, you'll find plenty of unique souvenirs.In 1921, the Reserve Bank of South Africa was established as the central bank.In 1961, the South African Rand replaced the Pound under a decimalized system.

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