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The net weight of the turkey includes the weight added by the solution.Kosher turkey is raised and processed in accordance with Jewish religious law and is clearly labeled as kosher.Bringing back these bronze birds provides our customers with the 'best of both worlds'old world history, flavor and beauty in combination with a wonderful yield of meat and that great old-fashioned turkey flavor."Heritage turkeys tend to have less breast meat and are stronger in flavor than commodity turkeys, but may also contain less fat and water, too.This turkey is the most expensive of all and is found in limited numbers at high-end supermarkets and butcher shops.The USDA requires that poultry producers prove that the retained water is an unavoidable consequence of the process used to meet food safety requirements and that they list the actual or maximum percentage of retained water on the label.

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Heritage or heirloom turkeys are unusual breeds that were once quite common in America, but fell out of favor as growers concentrated on the specially bred, big-breasted birds preferred by consumers.Natural does not mean "not injected" or "not self-basted" or "not enhanced".If you're looking for a turkey that has not been injected or enhanced, read the label carefully to make sure salt, natural flavorings, or other ingredients are not listed.Self-basting turkey (Photos 3-4) is injected with a solution to improve the flavor and juiciness of the meat.Some manufacturers inject only the breast meat, while others inject the entire bird.

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