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Investigators are also said to be going through data on Ullah’s electronic devices.Assistant FBI director in charge William Sweeney said, there is so far no indication that Ullah had attracted attention of the FBI, or other government agencies before.Ullah planned to “murder as many human beings as he could support of a vicious terrorist cause,” acting US attorney Joon Kim told a news conference after filing the charges.

Ullah, who sustained burns to his body and hands while injuring three pedestrians, is said to have told investigators that he “did it for the Islamic State”, using another name for Isis.The President also used the attack to point out what he sees as the need to overhaul the American immigration system.Mr Trump said that the US needs to make changes to the immigration system “fast”, and said Congress “must get involved immediately”.“The first attacker came through the visa lottery the second came through chain migration.A succession of South Indian dynasties, the Western Gangas, the Cholas and the Hoysalas, ruled the present region of Bangalore until in 1537 CE, Kempé Gowdā – a feudal ruler under the Vijayanagara Empire – established a mud fort considered to be the foundation of modern Bangalore.

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