Sara jean underwood dating kevin pereira

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It was on one of his podcasts that I found out about the cohost situation.

I don't have a problem with him, but I don't like him that much either.

She probably only got the part because Favreau drools over her every time he's on the show. She is the only reason I watch the show and the network. they would be lucky to keep her, but i think SHE has desires to do other stuff and will leave on her own. It seems like Olivia is really taking the "sexy geek" persona a little too far and it just doesn't come off as genuine.

she has not appeared in over 35 live shows this year (as reported) because she was off doing other anyone heard anything with Olivia? I don't watch every day, but I catch 1-2 episodes a week. Lately I prefer it when there's a replacement host. BTW - thread is useless without pics: Haislip is kinda annoying, but i agree with the more down to earth comment.

Or maybe it's just cuz I'm in love with Olivia.yep, I watch it. Oh yeah Olivia Munn and all the other chick are smokin (yes even Blair)Wow - what a stark contrast from 2005... She seemed more of the kind you could hang with and have a few beers. I was walking behind Olivia while she was heading to a meeting with a couple of AOTS's producers. Aside from that, half of the show was simply showing You Tube videos of people doing moronic things. between cops, cheaters, ninja warrior, and banzuke - it's a pretty reliable channel to just have on in the background. I DVR it every day and typically watch the first 30 minutes or so. But I fast forward through it, usually making it a 10-15 minute show. I DVR it every day and typically watch the first 30 minutes or so.

What happened to the British girl that used to do the Feed? Same here, but I usually FFW through it only stopping when something looks mildly interesting or Olivia does something of interest. or anytime she's on camera. Kayleigh :drool: Those of you going to Comic-Con, I highly recommend going to the AOTS panel. Be sure to get in line early because, last year, they had to turn away a lot of peeps who got there too late.

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