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Motivated by involvement in our research, a community member went on to serve on the board of Walsall Youth Arts (1997-2010).The exhibition `Safety Soapbox: Sharing our true colours' 2001 was the first time the Walsall Community Arts Team (now the Creative Development Team worked with the New Art Gallery Walsall on a Project and it led to on-going collaborations between the Gallery, the Community Arts Team and Walsall Youth Arts.Many of the groups we worked with during our research project remain engaged in 2013.

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Our research is now used in training health professionals in Walsall and community arts work remains at the centre of many strategies to improve the quality of life in Walsall.

Mark Webster who was integrally involved in the research project set up Walsall Arts into Health and reports that this organisation is part of the legacy of the Working Together to Create Change project.

The Walsall Health Authority funded a dedicated Arts and Health leader in Walsall Arts into Health and this funding remains in place in 2013 (Source 2, section 5; also Bal Kaur who was involved in our project now works in Dudley encouraging an extensive use of the arts by the public health team around issues connected to sexual health.

The research project had an enduring impact on the way the health authorities in Walsall and Dudley view using the arts to develop better sexual health services for young people and children.

In Walsall an officer specifically dedicated to arts in health was installed, a position still in place in 2013.

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