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This book absolutely nails a dry, witty young adult voice and takes readers on an epic journey of self-discovery.It is at times outright bloody, and others laugh-out-loud funny, with a quirky cast of characters.Dive in and run for your reading life with these seven young adult novels featuring zombies in all of their undead glory.Six months ago Sloane Price lost everything and her life has gotten progressively worse.There’s something for every horror fan, from humorous tales of zombie infestation to gory accounts of undead attacks.There’s no doubt about it; when it comes to young adult literature, zombies are hot.At the very moment that Jake and Amada lock eyes across the cafeteria, they turn into zombies and devour half their senior class.With Cass sent on a top-secret mission to hunt down Jake and Amada, and the two lovebirds struggling with the existential guilt of eating their classmates, the three set off on an epic journey that forces them to question what it really means to be alive.

Eleanor joins them, despite the fact that her involvement with Daniel and the Spirit Hunters will threaten her reputation and the lives of everyone in the city.Benny is on the cusp of that birthday, and if he doesn’t decide soon, he will get his rations cut in half.But Benny doesn’t want to take the job set forth for him, becoming an apprentice zombie hunter with his dreadfully boring older brother Tom.When R meets Julie, he at first keeps her as his captive, but she soon turns into a reluctant guest, and in her R finds a blast of living color.Despite his zombie tendencies, he doesn’t want to eat Julie. In this wistful love story, R and Julie’s unusual bond changes everything.

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