Who is dating jennette mccurdy

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Build-A-Bra Being shirtless (formerly) Carly Shay Chinese food (stated in i Still Psycho) Donut Holes Freddie Benson Jenna Hamilton Kirsten Liquid Soap One Direction Pig's milk Pop music Pudding Rock music Ryan Seacrest Sam Puckett Shannon Mitchell (formerly) Spelling Bees Tasha The exact replica of his head Unicorns Whipped Cream Pronouncing the word "Tennis" as "Teenis"Rap Music Having his girlfriend "stolen" Shannon Mitchell (currently) Nora Dirshlitt Texas Wedgies Sleeping on his side (i Still Psycho) Being shirtless (since season 4; mentioned in i Still Psycho and i Toe Fat Cakes) Nevel Papperman People manipulating his name (as seen in "i Can't Take It")Gibby (by everyone)Gib(bs) (by Carly, Sam and Freddie) Gibson (by Sam) The Gibster Lil' Weirdo Mc Gibster Gibbles (by Sam) Giblets (by Spencer) Gibwad (by Sam in i Can't Take It) Gibaloney (by Sam in i Still Psycho) Orenthal Cornelius Hayes "Gibby" Gibson is a very close friend of Carly Shay, Sam Puckett, Freddie Benson, and Spencer Shay, the son of Charlotte Gibson, and the older brother of Guppy.He was formerly known for his peculiar habit of frequently taking off his shirt for no apparent reason.Jennette Mc Curdy and Andre Drummond have met at long last.The Detroit Pistons center has been mentioning the “Sam and Cat” star on Twitter for months, calling her as “woman crush” on the social media website’s “Woman Crush Wednesdays.” She eventually returned the favor and the pair finally met up — and it looks like they hit it off pretty well. 29, and Drummond posted an Instagram photo of them together with the caption, “Words can’t explain!

No aspect of it was forced, I felt comfortable, and I was emotionally in a place where I had something to offer and something to sincerely receive.The Detroit Pistons power forward finally met Nickelodeon star Jennette Mc Curdy after months of tweeting about Mc Curdy — aka his "woman crush"-- and it seems like the sparks flew quickly.A timeline of craziness Over the last several days, both Drummond, 20, and Mc Curdy, 21, shared multiple photos of the possible new couple getting up close and personal. 29, Drummond posted a photo of him giving Mc Curdy a piggyback ride with the caption, "Words can't explain!Their general cuteness together — Drummond holds Mc Curdy in his arms in one picture, and they hold hands in another — has led many to speculate Drummond’s Internet crush on Mc Curdy has transformed into an actual relationship.The fact that Drummond retweeted a fan saying Mc Curdy “is perfect” only fuels the romance flames.

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