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Having acquired a new laptop not long ago, with a hi-def camera and quick processor, I recently spent a horny afternoon on SKYPE with like minded estim freaks.Logging into a session with multiple users, all wired up and enjoying the pleasures coursing through our stiff cocks, together and getting off on the shared experience is a total mind blowing activity.I was also dripping precum; the image of my own cock on the screen surrounded by 3 other twitching, moaning voices, attached to those throbbing poles was fucking with my mind! OOH those legs, so silky smooth and spread wide, seemingly just for me, really got to me!

Looking at the Skype screen, I could see the other cocks, stiff and hard, one with cum drooling from the tip, making a string as it slowly dripped onto his balls, the twitching of his virtual stroke clearly milking him.

Having become someone who has submitted several stories to LITEROTICA, I was recently looking over my so-called collection.

I see that I have submitted quite a few pieces about ESTIM.

This realization proved too much for one of the other guys, and his rapidly twitching cock lurched, and as his hand reached to turn up his settings dial, (probably to get that last rush of feeling), and erupted cum streams and splashes of spunk into the air, kind of in all directions.

His groans and sighs of orgasm were inspiring to say the least, my own cock bounced several times, almost vicariously enjoying his ejaculation with him, I was very close.

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